Happy dogs during their walk

Our Home

The Happy Hounds House is your luxury alternative to boarding kennels, where we care for your dog in a loving home environment – no kennels and no confinement.

We provide a safe and loving holiday home for your dog so that you can relax and enjoy your break with complete peace of mind. Our entire home is open to your beloved pet; they are not locked away or confined in any way.
Our outdoor area is completely safe and secure, and is accessible all day for the dogs to come and go as they please, where they can play together outside or laze in the sun (when we have any!)  The gates to this area are kept locked at all times; Houdini himself would be hard-pushed to escape!

Due to the range of different dogs that we have cared for over the years, we have come across many different medical conditions that have required various methods of administering medication.

Many of our dogs take oral medications or supplements, either in tablet form or in liquid or powdered form that is added to food.

Some animal boarding establishments are not willing to give injections, but as we do have diabetic dogs that stay with us, we are quite used to administering insulin by injection and are more than happy to do this.

Eye drops, ear drops and skin creams etc are all quite commonplace and we are willing to provide whatever care your dog needs to make them comfortable, healthy and happy during their stay.

Head on shot of Arnie the old Border Terrier laid on his front with his favourite yellow ball between his feet, looking up at the camera with his head tilted to one side as if to say

Arnie the Border Terrier and his favourite ball

Gemma enjoying lying on the sofa

Gemma likes lying on the sofa

L Young with Bubbles – Chesterfield

Bubbles has been coming here for years and loves it! Never have to worry about her whilst she is in Lindsey’s care. Highly recommend!

P Starkey with Harry – Sheffield

Really happy with how Harry was looked after, thanks again Lindsey.x