Reasons to choose our services

Fully licensed by North East Derbyshire District Council, and with full Public Liability Insurance, we provide a safe and loving holiday home for your dog so that you can relax and enjoy your break with complete peace of mind.

latest news itemOur entire home is open to your beloved pet; they are not locked away or confined in any way.  During the daytime they are free to roam around and explore, and figure out their favourite spot to curl up in when they’re ready.  In the evening we all cosy up in the lounge for a night in front of the TV, where the dogs can snuggle up on the sofa or just flake out in front of the fire!  At bedtime, we have safety gates on all the rooms, and the dogs are each given their own room to sleep in.  The doors are left open and the safety gates are closed, so that we can hear if the dogs should need any attention during the night.

Our outdoor area is completely safe and secure, and is accessible all day for the dogs to come and go as they please, where they can play together outside or laze in the sun (when we have any!)  The gates to this area are kept locked at all times; Houdini himself would be hard-pushed to escape!

Unless an owner specifies only one walk per day e.g., for our older guests, then we do walk once in the morning, and again in the afternoon/evening.  We have dogs of all ages and abilities that stay with us, and therefore gauge which dogs can manage the longer country walks, and which are better on shorter local walks.
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For the shorter walks, we have a lovely park nearby that we walk to, where the dogs can be let off the leads away from the road, and can have a good run around and play ball.  From there, we can take the older dogs home, or cross over the road to roaming fields where there is a little stream for the dogs to paddle and play in.

For the longer walks, we like to jump in the car and take the ten-minute drive to the Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire, where the dogs can run for miles in complete safety, with lots of different places to sniff and explore!  We tend to pass the café on the way back to the car for a big bowl of water for the dogs, and a big cup of Yorkshire Tea for us!

Making a Booking

We always insist on an initial visit before making any bookings, so that you can see our facilities and the service that we offer, and ask any questions that you may have. That has to be followed by a 24hr trial/familiarisation stay as a condition of our license. It is also an opportunity for us to meet your dog and to make sure that they are happy to mix with our other guests.

We never accept any aggressive dogs, or any breeds that are classed as ‘fighting breeds’, as the safety of the dogs in our care is always paramount.

We will always try to adhere to your dog’s normal routine, e.g., feeding and walking times.  You provide their food, which helps with that routine and also avoids any upset tummies!!

We fill in an information sheet that includes things such as veterinary details, feeding arrangements, on/off lead, medications etc, so it is important to bring vet and vaccination details with you for your dog’s file.  All of our dogs are fully vaccinated and have regular worm and flea treatments to comply with the conditions of our animal boarding license.  (If for any reason your dog’s vaccinations have lapsed, then they must be up to date at least four weeks before their stay.)

We do have lots of dog beds, but feel that for the first stay at least, it is better for your dog to have their own bed to sleep in, as it is more familiar and will smell of home, which tends to be comforting and helps with the settling in process.  We have lots of toys to play with, and plenty of food and water bowls so it is not necessary to bring these with you.

Our prices

Our prices are charged per day,
for up to 24hrs (not per night)
One dog – £25.00 per day

Additional services (up to 8 hours)
£3.00 per hour for
short stay or familiarisation stay

  Medical issues and medication

Due to the range of different dogs that we have cared for over the years, we have come across many different medical conditions that have required various methods of administering medication.

Many of our dogs take oral medications or supplements, either in tablet form or in liquid or powdered form that is added to food.

Some animal boarding establishments are not willing to give injections, but as we do have diabetic dogs that stay with us, we are quite used to administering insulin by injection and are more than happy to do this.

Eye drops, ear drops and skin creams etc are all quite commonplace and we are willing to provide whatever care your dog needs to make them comfortable, healthy and happy during their stay.